Q: Which TrueBalance toy is appropriate for my child?
A: We've given each TrueBalance toy an age designation of 4+ or 8+ depending on its size and complexity. Look for the orange and blue age stickers to make sure you buy the TrueBalance toy that's most suitable for your child.

Q: How does TrueBalance work?
A: TrueBalance is simple to understand, but difficult to master. The objective? Neatly stack the rotating, magnetic discs. That might sound simple… but it takes concentration and coordination to line them up just right. For a challenge, hold TrueBalance with your non-dominant hand, or even upside-down! For even more fun, set a timer and compete with friends against the clock.

Q: What are the benefits of TrueBalance?
A: TrueBalance toys improve fine motor skills and coordination while relieving stress by requiring focus and concentration. They also spark curiosity in STEM, encouraging children to consider the science and engineering factors at play in each toy. Plus, they offer screen-free FUN for children and adults alike.

Q: What material are TrueBalance toys made of?
A: All of our TrueBalance toys are made of wood, with the exception of TrueBalance Mini, which is made of plastic.

Q: Who enjoys playing with TrueBalance toys?
A: The real question is — who doesn’t enjoy playing with TrueBalance toys? Kids, teens, parents, grandparents, students, teachers… people across a variety of ages and abilities have fun with TrueBalance!

Why TrueBalance Toys

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Developed with occupational and physiotherapists as an aid to improve hand-eye coordination

Relieves Stress

Helps relieve stress in adults and children alike by requiring focus and concentration

Offers “Unpredictable” Fun

Unpredictable movements make every turn unique. A new problem-solving experience with every single use

Sparks Curiosity in STEM

Encourages children to consider the science and engineering factors at play, while also developing critical thinking skills